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Wumpus Hunter Neo Classic dual screen shot

New Life to a Classic Game

Hunt the Wumpus is a classic text-based game introduced to the world with the first versions of Unix.

Wumpus Hunter Neo Classic takes the rules of this classic game and realizes them with a stunning 1.5D interface.

1.5D Interface?

The original wumpus required players to keep pen and paper close by to map out the cavern complex and its dangers. Wumpus Hunter Neo Classic provides an engrossing soundscape designed to enhance gameplay while still remaining honest to the tradition of games that require the player to keep track of the world.

In addition to sound, real cave imagery is used to provide both variety and location hints to the player. There are other visual clues in the game to help player navigate the cavern complex.

Behind the Scenes

Wumpus Hunter Neo Classic is a demonstration of concepts piece. It is written entirely in Swift 3 in Xcode 8. It utilizes the following technologies:

  • built to work with both iOS 9.3, 10.0, and 11.0
  • asset catalog used for both image and sound management
  • tint overlay to gray scale backgrounds
  • segues and segue unwinding
  • timers (scene auto-transitions)
  • tap and swipe gestures
  • custom font (Kalam)
  • parallax (titles, danger annunciators and event imagery)
  • JSON processing (credits source)
  • core data (credits information)
  • dynamically constructed attributed text (credits)
  • endless scrolling text loop (credits)
  • dynamically constructed tables with plist data (statistics)
  • dynamically constructed tables with actions (settings)
  • static collection view (shoot scene)
  • ambient sound across scenes
  • incidental sound
  • app analytics (Google Firebase)
  • ad support (AdMob)
  • social network (Facebook / Twitter) posting
  • in app purchase (ad suppression) [coming]